We love the idea of making the most of your time and resources in Europe by combining tours in the same or different countries. Back-to-back tours also can help you ‘train your way’ into a harder tour by going on a less difficult tour for your first, say a Level 2, and following it up with a more difficult one for your second, such as a Level 3. Most of all, we think this kind of cultural, historical, and geographic immersion provides a greater understanding of the people and places you experience on your tour.

Our tour calendar limits what you can pair first and second, so take these combinations with a grain of salt. They aren’t possible every year, so you might seek out your own combination. Since your schedule will limit how much time you can be away, we recommend never leaving more than one week off between tours. We also recommend pairing tours based on relative ease in getting from the end of one tour to the start of the next.

We know there are several more options to consider, so if we’ve missed any obvious pairings, please let us know. We’d love to hear what you’ve been dreaming about. And, who’s to say you wouldn’t combine a third tour for the ultimate hat trick?

Lastly, don’t forget that when you take two or more ExperiencePlus! tours in one calendar year, each traveler receives $200 off each booking.

Explorer: Cycling the Algarve
Grand Cycling Tour of Andalucía

This combination of trips is a great way to experience two unique touring styles. Start with our Level 2.5 Explorer tour across southern Portugal’s Algarve and ride a combination of dirt and paved roads that take you through historic towns, quiet olive groves and beautiful back roads.

A few days and a bus ride, or private car transfer later, you’ll switch to a Classic tour to pedal the Level 3.5, Grand Cycling Tour of Andalucía. This iconic tour spans nearly 400 miles of wild and diverse terrain between Seville and Granada, Spain. If you’re short on time, simply ride as far as Córdoba, where the first and second legs of this popular tour end and begin.

Cycling the Camino de Santiago: Roncesvalles to Santiago de Compostela
Cycling Italy’s Dolomites Plus! the Sella Ronda

Build strength on the 15-day, Level 3.5 tour that spans 544 miles from Hemingway’s Pamplona to the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral grand plaza where you’ll celebrate a much-anticipated arrival.

Then fly from Santiago de Compostela to Innsbruck, Austria for a short train ride south to Bolzano where our Level 4.5 tour of the Dolomites begins. This tour includes four refreshing 2-night stays at fantastic hotels, jaw-dropping scenery, delicious alpine cuisine, and one of the most celebrated day rides in all of Italy: the Sella Ronda. This is an incredible pairing of two very different trips.

Cycling the Lakes of Austria & Slovenia Plus! Ljubljana
Bicycling the Islands of Dalmatia Plus! the South Coast

Watery landscapes unify these magical tours, which grow in difficulty from a Level 2 to a Level 3. What better way to prepare for a more challenging tour than taking back-to-back tours separated with a refreshing break in between?

From the lakes of Austria and Slovenia to Croatia’s Adriatic coast you’ll pedal four different countries whose histories, languages, food and cultures have intertwined across the centuries. The proximity of Croatia to Slovenia allows for an easy transfer from Ljubljana to Split. In between, there might just be a nice beach hotel waiting for you where you can rest and relax.

Cycling Corsica Plus! Beaches and Bonifacio
Bicycling Sardinia – Alghero to Cagliari

If you’re hungry to train for a Level 4 tour, then why not double your fun with this combination of tours that conveniently hops Mediterranean islands?

This rewarding combination is near to top of our bucket list. The differences between Corsica and Sardinia rest more in each island’s unique cultural identity as expressed by their people than by terrain or biogeography. Both islands excel in rewarding cycling, with unforgettable rides that will raise the bar for what you expect a ‘great’ ride to be.

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